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Compre backlinks de qualidade com um fluxo de confiança e domínio de alta autoridade DA/PA de agências de netlinking para aumentar suas posições.

Buying Brazilian backlinks is a very effective netlinking strategy for optimizing a website's visibility. Work done with subtlety so as not to be penalized by Google. To implement your link purchasing strategy, you can contact us

Links inseridos naturalmente em um texto não escrito por um robô, mas sim por escritores qualificados que saberão otimizar as âncoras antes de integrá-las naturalmente ao texto.

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Why should you consider buying Brazilian backlinks?

Many companies buy backlinks and for good reason. The obvious reason to buy backlinks over natural link building is to save time and generate better leads. However, some other benefits you can enjoy with paid backlinks are listed below. Certainly, these driving points made the process very attractive.


Brazilian backlinks

R$ 500 Backlinks DA 20 - 96
  • 05 Backlinks
  • Traffic: 0 to 100
  • Writing included
  • Backlink dofollow Vitalicio

Brazilian backlinks

R$ 1000 Backlinks DA 20 - 96
  • 10 Backlinks
  • Traffic: 100 to 1000
  • Writing included
  • Backlink dofollow Vitalicio

Brazilian backlinks

R$ 2000 Backlinks DA 20 - 96
  • 20 Backlinks
  • Tráfego: 5k +
  • Writing included
  • Backlink dofollow Vitalicio

Comprar backlinks / serviço de backlink - Guia/FAQ

A construção de backlinks é o processo de obter backlinks de outros sites populares para o seu site (use um blog, postagem de convidado, crie um perfil, ..). É uma estratégia de SEO que pode melhorar suas posições de pesquisa.

Obter backlinks em massa de sites de alta qualidade aumenta a autoridade do seu site. Os algoritmos do Google classificam-no em uma posição superior entre as páginas de resultados (SERPs).

O site pode obter uma vantagem competitiva se tiver mais popularidade de links do que um site concorrente. Combine o link building com outras estratégias de SEO para vencer

You should be careful with the number of links you point to your blog. If your website is new, you should focus on content and use 3 to 4 links per month.

Link velocity often becomes a topic of heated debate when the number of backlinks one should acquire daily is brought up. Link speed, in its simplest explanation, refers to how quickly or gradually you build your link profile.

For most SEOs, it's best to only receive quality links and do it slowly. Not too few, but not too many. If you're trying to outdo your competitors, naturally adding just one link a day won't be enough.

On the other hand, getting too many links for each post can look like link spam and create more harm than good.

Backlinks are your websites biggest helpers in terms of SEO. The quality of backlinks is the most important factor that increases domain authority. Low-quality websites and domains that link to your site harm your authority and consequently your ranking on Google. 

Google also considers website quality for the results page ranking factor. Backlinks send signals to Google in that direction. According to these signals, Google spiders classify Google web pages for ranking on the results page. 

This metric is just one of the metrics that Google uses to rank the results page. However, we can say that it is one of the most important metrics. Let's take a look at the methods of obtaining and executing the service.

Backlinks are essential for organic search engine traffic because they signal to search engines that your content is valuable and authoritative.

By having organic traffic from backlinks, you identify yourself as an expert and leader in your field. Additionally, referral traffic from organic backlinks provides consistent engagement for your website.

Search engine bots index pages with organic backlinks more frequently, which helps ensure visibility in organic searches.

Therefore, organic backlinks are key to getting more organic traffic and helping to establish yourself as a trusted source of information.

High-quality backlinks are authoritative website links that point to and from a specific page or website.

These backlinks, often from reputable sources, can increase a website's credibility and authority. The more authority sites that link to a specific page, the more ranking potential it has in search engine results.

To ensure high-quality backlinks, it is essential to avoid links from news sites that talk about anything and everything, sites with a lot of external links, and sites with no search traffic.

High-quality backlinks can be created by focusing on authority sites and directing all external linking efforts to targeted pages.

In summary, a very good quality backlink is:

  • A link with a semi-optimized anchor
  • Site with very good authority and lots of SEO traffic
  • Link added as high as possible on the web page
  • A dofollow link that search engines will always follow
  • Get a list of good high authority sites
  • A quality backlink is, by definition, a backlink that will be created on a quality support, therefore, another website with authority and traffic signals.

It is possible to consult popularity indicators such as a website's domain authority to determine whether the latter could be the source of “good links”, but that is not all. Majestic's TF (Trust Flow) or CF (Citation Flow) are also highly considered indicators to determine whether backlinks from the original site will be interesting. However, these metrics can be manipulated at will by website editors, so they are no longer as good a guarantee of trust as they once were.

  • The most important advantage of purchasing a Brazilian backlink package is that you save time. You can use this time to deal with other issues related to your project.
  • You can reduce the risk of mistakes in this matter that requires experience. As we mentioned earlier, using the wrong backlinks harms your website. Leaving this work to SEO experts will protect your website from this situation.
  • Backlink needs are best determined with professional tools. You won't have to learn how to use these tools.
  • Earning permanent backlinks is a difficult task. The PBN links you buy from expert teams will be more permanent than others.
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